Georgios D. Pyromallis


George Pyromallis is the head of “George Pyromallis Law office” founded in 2006. Born in Athens in 1970, George Pyromallis is an expert in Greek, European and International criminal law with extensive experience in a wide array of litigious and non-litigious business disputes. He is proficient in Greek, English, German and French languages.

As a criminal law practitioner, George Pyromallis specialises in business and financial crime, and has participated in most significant white collar and business crime cases in Greece in the last 15 years. He has extensive experience in most types of business crimes, i.a. financial fraud, money laundering, corruption practices, anti-terrorism, insider trading, medical malpractice, product liability, subsidies fraud. He has extensive experience in European Arrest Warrant, extradition and mutual assistance cases.

George advises and represent international and domestic corporations and institutions from various sectors, as well as governments and governmental organisations. Since 2007, he cooperates with Fair Trials International and he is a member of its Legal Experts Advisory Panel. He was a member (as the representative of the Athens Bar Association) of the Central Scientific Council for Prisons of the Greek Ministry of Justice.

George has published several case comments and articles. He is a member of both Greek and international associations and organisations, such as the Hellenic Criminal Bar Association, the European Criminal Bar Association, the International Bar Association, and the International Criminal Law Network. The Hellenic Criminal Bar Association awarded its prize to George Pyromallis in 2010.