Dr. Jaime Campaner Muñoz

Jaime is a founding and managing partner at Campaner Law, one of Spain´s leading criminal law boutique firms. His Procedural Law Ph.D was unanimously awarded cum laude and he received the Extraordinary Award. He is specialized in criminal defence and private prosecution, mainly in white-collar crimes, European Arrest Warrant and Extradition.

Jaime holds an LL.M in International Economic Criminal Law and Associate professor in procedural law and criminal law at several Universities. His doctrinal articles have been published in specialist legal journals both in Spain and abroad. He has written two books about criminal procedure. Speaker at conferences and congresses on procedural and criminal law both in Spain and abroad.

He provides counsel in fluent Spanish and English, in basic French and he has a reading knowledge of German and Italian.


“He has a surgeon´s precision and is unbeatable at Court”

“It was a top-notch pleading. Schematic and rigorous with a light spicy dressing (…) Beluga caviar in a mother-of-pearl spoon”